Oct 12, 2016

Superhouse Luxury Feature on LinkedIn

written by Laurie Ström

Superhouse has been featured many times in magazines and in online publications, which is fantastic, but a first for us is to have an article about us published on LinkedIn.

As we all know, social media is a huge tool when it comes to marketing, but when you want to be taken seriously as a business it’s important to gain visibility on websites such as LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a hugely important platform for individual professionals and businesses, and provides the opportunity to increase and diversify connections to other relevant users.

We would like to say a big thank you to Francisco Javier Trigueros Romero for his emotive and passionate LinkedIn piece about Superhouse.  Francisco is an entrepreneur and a luxury consultant specialising in branding, marketing and sales for entrepreneurs.  He has a lot of involvement and connection to the luxury industries and we are delighted that he saw Superhouse and understood our ethos and style, and what we are trying to achieve as a brand.

The article is below, but you can also click HERE to be taken to the article on Francisco’s LinkedIn profile.


The Ultimate Luxury is Living in a Superhouse

by Francisco Javier Trigueros Romero
Inspired by the trinity in luxury: Excellence, Exclusivity & Eternity. Bringing inspiration in luxury for entrepreneurs

 “From the moment I dived into the living spectacle of luxury, I started to realize how amazing and inspiring it is to live in a world where people strive for excellence, to create what has never been created before, to enrich our lives and that of those around us.The beauty of what Mankind is able to produce reaches new heights every day, and this reinforces to us all what an amazing adventure life is.

That which is sublime always leaves us speechless for a moment; our senses are invaded by such a huge amount of sensations and feelings never experienced before that our brain can hardly process it all in order to elicit a response.

Most people think that Superyachts are the ultimate luxury as they can achieve the highest levels of luxury – not only on the design and engineering, but also in the lifestyle surrounding them – as they can gather inside the whole luxury industry – from jewelry to the finest furniture, Supercars, helicopters and mini boats – so as to enjoy the whole World in a never-ending journey.

For others, Private Jets are the ultimate luxury with their amazing interior design, and outstanding engineering that enables people to travel faster whilst enjoying the best, but in short periods of time.

And finally you can think that 5-star hotels can include even much more luxury as they can feature sculptures, and art and paintings and incredible amounts of gold imbued in outstanding suites with incredible views, though you can never experience that in private like you can in a yacht or a private jet.

But there is one thing that they won’t ever achieve: to be considered a Superhome,and there is when they find their limit in luxury.

I remember when I wrote my article entitled Luxury is not an industry but a language, I included a picture of a lady sitting on the edge of a beautiful swimming pool, enjoying the astonishing views of sunset at the end of an infinite sea.

That is the ultimate luxury!

Coco Chanel once wrote: “The best things in life are free, the second best are expensive“. So when you’re able to enjoy at the fullest both things at the same time, when you’re able to enjoy nature in its fullest luxurious expression from the comfort of your Superhome with your family and friends around you, that is the only moment in which you can say that you’ve reached the utmost level of luxury in life. Nothing else can achieve that level of luxury.

I had the privilege to meet the other day Jon Marshall, Managing Director of Superhouse Property Group, an amazing professional who presented to me the extraordinary work of Magnus Ström. Magnus Ström is the Creative Director and the visionary architect who has created the Superhouse concept taking luxury to the ultimate level that you can find on Earth.

It’s no wonder then that they have just received two American Architecture Prize awards, the Silver Award in the Residential Architecture Category and the Platinum Award in the Residential Category (the interior design category).

They’re planning to design only 30 Superhouses in order to emphasize the exclusivity of these homes. Whether it’s on a private island, or the top of a mountain, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your Superhouse.

When the energy and your loved ones mixes with that of your house, that is when you call it a home and that is already one of the most invaluable luxuries in life.

But when you mix it with sublime views, feelings and sensations from the very moment that you wake up, to the very moment you go to sleep, when you can experience constantly unlimited levels of luxury on a daily basis,

That is the ultimate luxury!

My most sincere congratulations to Magnus and Jon for such an achievement and thank you so very much for your magnificent contribution to the luxury industry by creating this concept of Superhouse. This unique brand will transcend over time and achieve the Triple Trinity of Luxury: Excellence, Exclusivity and Eternity. You’ve reached the top!”

‘Nothing in life is most luxurious than life itself’

Inspired by the trinity in luxury: Excellence, Exclusivity & Eternity. Bringing inspiration in luxury for entrepreneurs